Learn more about Brazil's maternity benefit for female workers

published: Aug 16, 2018 06:00 PM, last modified: Aug 16, 2018 06:00 PM
Stipend can also be paid to father in specific cases

INSSMaternity benefit

Maternity benefit is not paid at the same time as other Social Security benefits

Brazilian women who give birth or adopt a child are entitled to maternity benefits for 120 days. The benefit, paid by the National Social Security Institute (INSS), is intended for employees, freelance workers, domestic servants, special insured persons, individual contributors to the pension system and voluntarily insured persons.

The amount begins to be paid according to the medical certificate: from the 8th month of gestation, 28 days before the birth or after the birth date of the child - except for unemployed women, who start receiving at birth. Employers are responsible for paying the benefit to employed mothers and are later reimbursed by the INSS. Payments to domestic workers and adopters are the direct responsibility of the Social Security system.

Since 2013, in the event of the death of the partner or spouse, the father is entitled to the benefit if he is insured by the Brazilian Social Security system. Men who adopt can also apply for the benefit upon taking leave from work. The same goes for same-sex couples.

It is important to remember that the maternity benefit is not paid at the same time as other Social Security benefits, such as sick pay, unemployment insurance, lifetime monthly income, Continued Cash Benefit or disability benefits.