Tradition, culture, chocolate and fun in the cold: Gramado offers year-round excitement

published: Aug 15, 2018 03:09 PM, last modified: Aug 15, 2018 03:09 PM
Film Festival is a great opportunity to enjoy the city's museums, shops, handicraft and local cuisine

Gramado, town in the state of Rio Grande do Sul is one of the main tourist destinations in Brazil's south, attracting about 6 million visitors a year.

The city's history and cultural diversity are the main attractions. Immigrants have imprinted strong habits and customs since the town was founded in 1873 in colonial Brazil, all of which can still be perceived in Gramado's everyday life, cooking and local architecture.

The local temperatures, quite low for Brazil, are also a big draw due to the unique gastronomy and activities offered by the cold.

Together with Brazil's gaucho tradition, these factors make the city an attractive place for sightseeing and even for big events.

Check out the main local attractions for this time of year:

1. Gramado Film Festival

Governo do Rio Grande do Sul

The event, now at its 46th edition, is among the main events for Brazilian and Ibero-American productions and the largest uninterrupted movie festival in the country. From 17 to 25 August this year, tourists have a chance to attend the Palace of Festivals to watch the films competing for the Kikito (the name given to the festival's traditional award). Former winners include renowned artists like Pedro Almodóvar, Juan José Campanella, Javier Bardem, Marisa Paredes and Norma Aleandro.

2. Rua Coberta

Prefeitura de Gramado

Visitors can also take a break to enjoy the city's sights between the films and debates. One great choice is to stroll along Madre Verônica Street, right in front of the festival venue. The street, which features several shops, is called Rua Coberta ("Decorated Street") because of the unusual visual spectacle formed by various plant arrangements combined with special lighting wrapping around the street.

3. Mini-mundo


Another attraction that tickles the imagination is the "Mini World" park, which features small versions of several tourist attractions from around the world on a 1:24 scale. Visitors are often impressed by the great detail in the reproductions.

4. Snowland

Governo Rio Grande do Sul

For those of an adventurous spirit, Snowland offers snowboarding and skiing, as well as a skating rink. This is the first park of its kind in South America, with over 30 different snow activities in an enclosed space.

5. Praça das Etnias

Prefeitura de Gramado

The "Ethnic Square" features local handicraft, chiefly made by the descendants of immigrants that arrived in the place in 1900 and several pieces of international architecture. At the Casa do Colono ("Settler's House"), visitors can taste local dishes such as the cuca, a very popular bread in Germany.

6. Chocolate tasting

Prefeitura de Gramado

For lovers of the cocoa treasure, a great bet is the Chocolate Route, which can be enjoyed at any time of the year. There are several handmade options, and you can visit local factories to check out the entire production process, including a chocolate tasting at the end.

7. Super Cars

Prefeitura de Gramado

For fans of high speed and luxury cars, Super Cars is a must-see. There are a number of Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and other sports cars on display, and the place also offers test drive opportunities, games and simulators.

8. Wax Museum

Prefeitura de Gramado

At Dreamland, visitors can visit wax statues of celebrities and film and pop culture characters. There are 18 different assemblies with about 50 famous people on display.