Government portal recognised for contribution to public policies

published: Sep 05, 2018 06:06 PM, last modified: Sep 05, 2018 06:06 PM
Website offers information with a playful twist for persons with disabilities

The Free Pass Portal, created by the Ministry of Transportation, Ports and Aviation, won the 2018 World Summit Awards in the Government & Citizen Engagement category. The initiative was recognised for improving the services offered by the government to persons with disabilities and strengthening public policies on the topic. 

On the portal, users have access to content displayed in a playful manner and well distinguished by the use of different colours. The site uses simple, easy-to-understand language addressing several different types of disability that is compliant with all major international accessibility standards (including translations into Brazilian Sign Language, or LIBRAS), thus allowing persons with disabilities to navigate it freely and without restrictions.

Passe Livre ("Free Pass") is a government programme that provides free access to interstate collective transport (by highway, rail or boat) for persons with disabilities and those proven to be in economic need. The programme is focused on persons with physical, mental, hearing, visual or multiple disabilities, those with ostomy or chronic kidney disease and low-income individuals, all of whom can now check the website to easily understand how they can obtain the benefit.